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Quarter almost over, and news about D&D...

2011-06-07 23:31:00 by swankyimage


So, the quarter is almost over, and my final projects are almost done- yay! I only get 10 days between quarters for goofing off, but hopefully I can get some flash stuff done in that time.

Regarding D&D (the animation) -

Dontearse is super excited to record more sound, and I might even have him do some music for me. He isn't half bad on his new flute ^_^. I plan on doing a little remixing with other sounds too- wish us luck. I was a band-geek in high school, so I know music, but I never composed my own other than some blues riffs on my trumpet.

I would like to reach a point where 100% of the sound is "in house." Which would be nice ^_^ It should be fun to start recording sound FX.

The actual cartoon will follow a campaign I run. I have plans for animating the entire thing... which has been running for about a year now. It will be part comedy, part serious. I can't stay serious too long!

The world of the campaign is pretty robust, and some of the campaign has been spent learning what REALLY happened in the past. I am currently debating animating that too.

I'm not sure what else to say about it- so please feel free to ask questions ^_^

~Shawn 'the girl'


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2011-06-08 07:32:30

Submit art!
Did you make that profile pic? You would be a great artist!

(Updated ) swankyimage responds:

I tried to submit art, but it got all weird on me :(

I have a DevianART account.

I will try to submit art again.

[Edit: it worked! Now I need to be scouted...]


2011-06-11 23:04:01

hey nice stuff. Always glad to see another D&D fan.
Submit 4 more pieces for a total of 8 and I'll slide a scout your way.


2011-06-11 23:04:28

btw, message me when you get them up so I can check them out.


2011-06-12 17:05:15

Now that you've been scouted we demand MORE!

swankyimage responds:

I comply!

Apparently there is a glitch with the new version of IE, and that is why I couldn't upload art. The previous art was uploaded from school.


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